We're building the core team for Nebula Network – we need extraordinary and friendly people that others will want to join.

We are working within the fields of cryptocurrencies and cloudcomputing - a big plus is experience within those industries. For the best people – stock options are an option.

You can work from anywhere on the earth – except for events and meetings which mostly Business Developers need to attend.

A good candidate should be able to commit full time after some time. We do intend to change the world and that requires commitment.

A higher education from renowned universities, and delivered recognizable projects are a plus.

Open positions

Head of Marketing / Lead Growth Hacker

  • Excellent insight into marketing trends and tools used in the industry. Should know how to set KPIs of individual activities, how to build sales funnels, and how to monitor the media
  • Communication skills enabling control and possible replacement of copywriters as well as allowing to set the direction of their work, in English
  • Effective communication with the creative department, including graphics designers. Should understand the main issues in the field of visual communication
  • Knowledge of SEO topics enabling at least effective control of progress in that area
  • Knowledge of social media enabling effective control of actions carried out through those channels
  • Experience with crowdfunding campaigns, optimally ICOs, but Kickstarter and similar will also be considered as relevant experience
  • Experience in working with interactive agencies. Should be able to coordinate and evaluate their work and exhibit good judgment on what parts of the project should be outsourced to them.
  • Management of community managers

Business Development Lead

  • Excellent networking including:
  • making a good impression on people
    • an ease of forming new relationships
    • an excellent ability to maintain relationships
  • Ability to convey complex ideas in a concise manner, especially in English (other languages are a plus)
  • Can handle public appearances
  • Excellent negotiating skills
  • The ability to create good (convincing, correctly written, professional looking - even before going through the graphics department) presentations and business documents
  • A master of the tools of trade including CRM systems
  • Excellent sales skills

Project Manager

  • Ability to lead and manage a team including:
    • good planning & budget management
    • delivering on schedule
    • excellent communication skills
    • good negotiator & mediator
    • high empathy
    • excellent execution
    • building a positive atmosphere within the team
    • a good motivator
  • Knows agile methodologies, including scrum, understands differences between different methodologies and knows what works in practice in what situation
  • Worked with planning & management tools and is a prolific user of task trackers such as Redmine, Jira, or Bugzilla
  • Preferred experience with IT and Marketing projects

Lead Econometrist

  • At least a masters degree in economics or econometrics, PhD is a plus
  • Experience with various economic modeling methodologies
  • Experience with agent-based economic modeling is a plus
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Good data gathering skills
  • Experience with cryptocurrencies is a plus

Core Tech Developer

  • A strong grasp of theoretical foundations of computer science, including excellent understanding of algorithms, best confirmed by work on products where design and writing of advanced algorithms was required and / or titles from reputable universities
  • Excellent C++, additional languages are a plus
  • A strong grasp of basic cryptography and cryptocurrency concepts
  • Knowledge of the concepts within computer networks, in particular p2p networks
  • Good knowledge of security issues
  • Good code optimization skills
  • Experience in distributed systems, gaming engines, and p2p networks is a plus

Head of DevOps & Security

  • Head of DevOps & Security
  • A thorough understanding of security issues on all levels
  • At least 5 years of DevOp experience in different environments
  • Experience with pen testing
  • Excellent understanding of various levels software architecture
  • A master of version control & continuous integration
  • Understands good policies in access control policing
  • A white hat with excellent work & general ethic
  • Experience with handling money, especially cryptocurrencies is a plus

Fullstack Web Developer

  • Excellent Javascript & TypeScript
  • Node.js & Express
  • React, Vue
  • SQL and MongoDB
  • Meteor experience is a plus
  • Php experience is a plus
  • A grasp of the cryptocurrency industry, solidity & ethjs / web3.js is a plus
  • A good understanding of various computer security issues
  • Experience deploying webapps to a Linux server as well as to platforms such as Azure, Heroku, or Aws
  • Less knowledge is a plus (the styling language)
  • Experience with React Native, Weex, or NativeScript is a plus

Art Director

  • A deep understanding of visual communication
  • A firm grasp on various topics under the UX umbrella
  • A great sense of esthetics
  • A master of Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Experience with Animate/Flash is a plus
  • Experience with InDesign is a plus
  • Experience with Premiere, AfterEffects or Hitfilm is a plus
  • Experience with 3D Modelling is a plus
  • Experience in working with version control systems
  • Well organised, and a good communicator